Dated: 29-Apr-2021


  1. People of age 18 and above living in Pakistan are eligible to register with SS Contests.
  2. All registered participants, mainly contestants, should preferably be females. Please note that we will offer contest prizes for females only to the winning contestants.
  3. Make sure to provide genuine information for registration. Fake profiles may be disqualified/ blacklisted during and/ or after the contest.
  4. Do not make more than one account for registration. Duplicated profiles will be disqualified/ blacklisted during or after the contest.
  5. Do not provide a copyrighted image for the entry or a copied entry for the contest. Such entries will not be approved and will be disqualified by our management.
  6. Do not use illicit/ political/ racist/ offensive material for your entry. Contestants providing such material will be blocked and blacklisted.
  7. Winners will be announced on our website and will be contacted through their registered emails to provide their addresses in order to courier the prizes. 
  8. Prizes will be couriered to the winners using third party courier services. 
  9. For funded contests, Surviving Susral will bear the expenses of procuring the prizes and couriering them to the winners. 
  10. For sponsored contests, the registered emails and addresses of the winners will be shared with the respective sponsors and prizes will be couriered to the winners directly by the sponsors. 
  11. For sponsored contests, Surviving Susral will not take the responsibility of prize distribution as it will be done directly by the respective sponsor. 
  12. Surviving Susral will not take any responsibility in case of a delay in prize delivery to the winner by the third party courier service or the sponsor.
  13. Winners will be solely selected on the basis of the voting result of the contest. Any influence, favouritism, and requests to manipulate the result of the contest will not be entertained. 
  14. By registering on SS Contests, you agree to receive the periodic newsletters from the Surviving Susral magazine and you give the consent to ABM Consortium to use your contact details (email, phone, address) for any upcoming promotional campaigns related to its projects. 
  15. ABM Consortium will not share or sell your contact details (email, phone, address) to any third party other than the details mentioned in point 10.
  16. After registration if you like to delete your account, you can send an email to for further action.
  17. Surviving Susral will not be responsible for any disturbance that may interrupt an active contest caused due to third party technical issues, government restrictions, security concerns or any other force majeure that may result in the inaccessibility of the Internet and SS Contest website. However, in such cases further course of action will be announced by Surviving Susral through emails and social media channels.