Surviving Susral offers fun contests for its website visitors to:

  • spice-up their online social activities by promoting their own creative entries, and
  • avail the opportunity to win amazing prizes.


Contests will be run from time-to-time on our website and will be announced through our social media channels and direct emails to our subscribers.


Register as a Contestant:

  1. Registration for the SS Contests is free. Once registered successfully, you will be eligible to take part in all the active contests on our website as a contestant.
  2. All registered participants should preferably be females of age 18 and above, living in Pakistan. Please note that we will offer contest prizes for females only to the winning contestants.
  3. Upon registration, you will receive an email with an account activation link. When you will click the link, your account will be activated. If you don’t receive the account activation email in your inbox soon after you register, please check your SPAM or JUNK folder for the respective email.
  4. Please make sure you provide correct information in the registration form so that you can get registered without any inconvenience.
  5. After registration and successful account activation, you will be able to login on our SS Contests website with your email and password.
  6. With successful registration on SS Contests website, you also agree to receive periodic newsletter of our Surviving Susral e-magazine.


Participate as a Contestant:

  1. Once logged-in, go to the active contests and click on the contest in which you desire to participate as a contestant. You can participate simultaneously in multiple active contests available on our website for free.
  2. For each contest, the relevant details about rules and prizes will be available on its specific page. Follow the instructions to participate in the contest. Make sure to comply with the rules and submit your contests entries accordingly.
  3. Your entries will be put on hold for review for 12-24 hours upon submission. Entries with illicit, illegal, harassing, plagiarized or political material will not be accepted. You will be notified through email upon acceptance of your entries.
  4. Once accepted, your entries will be published on our website that you may share with your friends and family to collect votes.   
  5. Contestants can also vote for their own submitted entries.


Voting for contest entries:

  1. Voters are not required to register on our website.
  2. Voters can simply go to the active contests, visit the contest gallery of their choice and vote for the entries that they like.
  3. Voters can also vote through the shared link of the entries provided by the respective contestants.
  4. A voter can vote for several entries across multiple active contests running on our website for free. However, a voter cannot vote for the same entry multiple times.


We wish our website visitors to enjoy taking part in the fun contests and win fabulous prizes.



Surviving Susral Team


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