About This Contest:

Title: Best Fathers' Day Picture Contest 2021
Category: Funded Contest By Surviving Susral
Registration / Participation: FREE

Enter to win fabulous prizes from BONANZA SATRANGI.

This summer Surviving Susral is bringing Best Fathers' Day Picture Contest 2021 and offering three attractive lawn suit prizes for the women who get the best pictures shot with their fathers for the upcoming Fathers' Day 2021.


Contest Prizes:

Let’s make this Fathers' Day special and fun. 

3 fabulous prizes from Bonanza Satrangi.

1st Prize: An elegant 3-piece printed lawn unstitched suit in L-Green color (worth Rs. 2580/-)

2nd Prize: A graceful 2-piece printed lawn unstitched suit in S-Green color (worth Rs. 1680/-)

3rd Prize: A beautiful metallic printed lawn unstitched shirt in Ice-Green color (worth Rs. 1480/-)



Contest Schedule:

Entries Start on: 07th June, 2021
Voting Starts on: 07th June, 2021
Entries Close on: 21st June, 2021
Voting Ends on: 24th June, 2021
Winners Announcement on: 27th June, 2021


Steps to Participate in the Contest:

  1. Register for free. Those who are already registered are not required to register again.
  2. Login to participate in the contest.
  3. On contest menu, upload your contest entry as a JPEG image file. You can upload up to 03 entries. After uploading, it will be reviewed and approved in 12 - 24 hours by our management. Once uploaded, your entry will not be edited or deleted.
  4. The entry file image dimensions should be 900px (wide) x 700px (height) and its size should not be more than 200KB.
  5. We suggest you use a free Canva account to design your contest entry quickly and conveniently.
  6. Your entry should include a nice picture of you with your father, honoring him on this Fathers’ Day 2021, to get more votes and increase your chances of winning the contest.
  7. Entry dates will be observed as per Pakistan Standard Time.


Get more votes to win:

  1. Follow us on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest).
  2. Like our contest post on social media, and share with your friends.
  3. Join our Facebook Group exclusive for females only and invite your friends.
  4. Share your contest entries directly from the contest page on your social media channels to invite your friends to vote for your contest entries. For sharing on social media, use hashtags #sscontests and #survivingsusral along with other hashtags you like.
  5. The contestants can vote for their own entry and can vote for other contestants’ entries too.
  6. The voters can vote for any contestants’ entry. Only one vote per entry per member will be accepted.
  7. Voting dates will be observed as per Pakistan Standard Time.


Winner criteria:

  1. Winners will be announced on the basis of the highest votes gained per entry.
  2. First prize: Highest number of votes of an entry in the contest.
  3. Second prize: Second highest number of votes of an entry in the contest.
  4. Third prize: Third highest number of votes of an entry in the contest.
  5. In case of a tie, the entry collects highest number of votes first will be considered the winner.


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